Federal Organizational Development Community of Practice (OD CoP) Series - Washington, DC

About Our Program

The Washington, DC Organizational Development Community of Practice (OD CoP) is a community of practice for current federal employees directly involved with the design or delivery of organizational development (OD) or organizational effectiveness (OE) services to their federal organization.

Sessions are free-flowing, and often involve the discussion of new approaches to OD/OE, OD/OE challenges being faced by federal organizations, implementation challenges being faced by OD/OE practitioners, etc.

Sessions are open ONLY to current federal OD/OE practitioners, no contractors may attend.

Research indicates that people rely more on peers, rather than experts, as a guide to decide what to do back on the job.

For information on the format or content of the sessions, please contact Dr. Steve Frieman (303-317-7386, steven_frieman@ios.doi.gov).

Brought to you by the Federal Consulting Group (FCG), providing executive coaching, organizational consulting and development, and performance measurement services to federal agencies for over 25 years. FCG is a fully reimbursable function under the Department of the Interior.

Our Offerings

Federal Organizational Development Community of Practice (OD CoP) Series:

These sessions focus on the OD/OE community and are open to federal OD/OE practitioners only.

You can view information about all upcoming events at https://www.fcg.gov/events