Acquisition Training

About Our Program

DOI Acquisition curriculum provides a planned, systematic, competency-based approach to developing future leaders, at all levels, for the Department of the Interior and other government agencies.

Our Individual Programs

Government-wide Acquisition Management Developmental Program (GAMDP): The GAMDP is a two-year competency based program designed to recruit, develop, and retain a group of diverse future leaders in the federal government's acquisition management field. Recent graduates are recruited as Contract Specialists at the GS-7 level, with promotion potential to the GS-13. Recent Graduates are officially assigned to AI and participate in rotational assignments in sponsoring agencies for the first two-years of the program. Upon successful completion of the two-year training component, recent graduates are permanently placed within one of the program’s participating agencies where they complete a year-long apprenticeship after graduating. For more information, visit our website:

GAM Alumni Mentoring Program: In an ever changing acquisition workforce environment where the government is hiring new talent to fill current workforce gaps and staff Recovery Act programs, while seasoned talent retired, it is becoming increasingly more important to have a mechanism to track and tap into a talent pool of individuals who have a proven track record of success. An Acquisition Alumni Network will assist in capitalizing on the breadth of talent found in seasoned individuals who have served in Federal acquisition.

The Acquisition Alumni Network will promote the overall health of the workforce by creating a forum for former colleagues to stay connected; provide mentoring and leadership opportunities for the next generation of acquisition professionals; give a suite of best practices in acquisition; and provide an additional experienced talent pool for recruiting efforts.


DOI Acquisition Management Upward Mobility Entry-Level Program (GAM-Cousins): GAM-Cousins is a two-year competency based developmental training opportunity designed to enhance the knowledge and skills needed to become a contract specialist. The program will provide training; career development and growth opportunities for underutilized or underdeveloped employees whose current assignments do not permit further advancement. Underutilized employees are those whose present education, training, and capabilities are not fully utilized in their current position.

Participants will be provided with new and challenging learning experiences through a multi-faceted approach that includes technical leadership training. Participants are officially assigned to AI and participate in rotational assignments in sponsoring bureaus. The goal of the program is to cross train DOI employees in the 1102 series to complete level I certification. The Entry-Level Upward Mobility Program will extend Department-wide and will be operated in accordance with specific bureau guidance. The program is designed for current full-time Career/Career Conditional DOI employees are at the GS-9 level or below (or equivalent wage grade that has a career ladder of GS-10 or below).

Mid-Level Acquisition Management Development Program (MAMDP): The MAMDP is designed for GS-9 employees whose development needs may be more advanced than entry-level participants. This mid-level program will entail a very similar structure to the already established GAMDP. The program is a two-year program. This program is designed to use the direct hiring authority.

The program is designed to improve the skills needed to become a more efficient and effective contract specialist. Participants will be provided with new and challenging learning experiences through a complex advanced approach to acquisitions training.

Vets 2 Feds Career Development Program (Government-Wide Program): The V2F Career Development Program (Acquisition/Contracting) is an inter-agency program designed to recruit and support the development of our nation’s student veterans for careers with the Federal Government. The program offers student veterans the opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job training and experiences related to the contracting field while pursuing their education. Selected interns will be hired as student trainees in the 1199 series at the GS-3 or 4 grade levels. Interns are expected to perform a variety of duties and technical tasks in support of functions related to the occupational area and their organizations. Interns who complete the educational requirements for the program will transition non-competitively into the Federal Contract Specialists 1102 series field-one of the government’s most mission critical positions.

Student veterans in this field will perform valuable service to the American people while jump-starting their careers, and get full salary and benefits as well as challenging assignments, formal professional/technical training and certifications, feedback on their work plus an opportunity to make government run more efficiently

Federal Acquisition Certification for Project and Program Managers (FAC-P/PM)

Level I Certification (Basic)
Level II Certification (Intermediate)
Level III (Advanced)

Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative Course (FAC-COTR):

Level I: 8 Hours of training and no experience required. This level of COTR is generally appropriate for the simplest contract vehicles, such as supply contracts.

Level II: 40 Hours of training and one (1) year of previous COTR experience required. This level of COTR is generally appropriate for contract vehicles of medium complexity, including both supply and service contracts.

Level III: 60 Hours of training and two (2) years of previous COTR experience requred. This level of COTR is required for the most complex and risky contracts. At a minimum, those COTRs for major investments, as defined by OMB Circular A-11, shall generally be designated as Level III COTRs

Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C): Approved training to support the FAC-C and Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) for Level I and Level II.