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Trans 101 for ALL DOI Employees


The format of this training is FULLY VIRTUAL.

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This 60-minute session on transgender sensitivity will begin with a discussion of key language and vocabulary to make sure everyone has the tools to be a part of the conversation. After setting the stage for why employees may not feel comfortable coming out at work and why proactive support is crucial from leaders, we will talk through strategies that are specific to managers and supervisors on how to build inclusive teams, how to handle an employee transition, and how to ensure that everyone feels seen as they are. There will be plenty of time afterward for Q&A, and anyone is welcome to join the session regardless of their previous knowledge of the transgender community. Additionally, you will learn about the many paths to being an ally, discover best practices for supporting your colleagues in the workplace. Participation requires registration in DOI Talent. Supervisors must approve registration in DOI Talent in a timely manner to guarantee employees a seat. Tuition payment doesn’t guarantee a seat in the class. The speaker will use the platform and the event will be live streamed to employees. Closed captioning will be provided.


  • Key language and terminology surrounding the trans and LGBTQ+ community.
  • Brief re-framing of how we think about the binary of biological sex
  • A number of studies contextualizing how many people are not able to be fully "out" in their workplaces and why that might be.
  • An (apolitical) review of the impact of anti-trans legislation on the mental health and safety of your coworkers.
  • A review of strategies for active allyship including asking appropriate questions, sharing pronouns, consuming media with diverse representation, and standing up against transphobic jokes and comments.

DOIU Cancellation Policy: Space in DOI University courses is limited. If you need to cancel, please provide written notification through email as early as possible. DOI University must receive the cancellation notification at least 15 business days in advance of the course start date. There are no refunds for cancellation notifications received after the designated time or for no shows, and tuition fees are not transferable to another course.

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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM