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Influence & Negotiation Skills for Government Professionals: Leveraging Influence Styles for Positive Outcomes


This specialized two-day negotiation course is meticulously designed to equip government professionals with the indispensable skills and strategies required to excel in negotiation scenarios within the public sector. Through the integration of the Influence Style Indicator (ISI) and comprehensive influence and negotiation methodologies, participants will gain valuable insights into their negotiation styles and learn to adapt these styles to navigate the complexities of government negotiations effectively.

Understanding Influence Styles: The course begins by introducing participants to the Influence Style Indicator. Participants will explore their unique influence approaches and understand how to leverage their strengths while addressing potential blind spots.

Applying Influence & Negotiation Frameworks: Building on the understanding of influence styles, the course will delve into influence and negotiation frameworks. Participants will grasp concepts such as collaborative negotiation, consensus-building, and coalition formation to effectively manage multi-stakeholder negotiations.

Communication and Diplomacy Skills: Effective communication and diplomacy are paramount in influence & negotiations. Participants will hone their communication skills, emphasizing active listening and persuasive communication. Through practical exercises, they will develop the ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders.


This course employs an interactive approach, combining lectures, group discussions, case studies, and simulations, including the application of the Influence Style Indicator. An Expert facilitator will guide participants through practical exercises, enabling them to apply negotiation concepts within realistic government scenarios.


Target Audience:

This course is designed for government professionals at any level seeking to enhance their negotiation capabilities.



Building 810, Denver Federal Center, location information will be provided after registration.



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8:30 AM - 4:30 PM