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Supervisors are the department’s link between our successes transforming strategy into execution and a key factor in our employee satisfaction. To prepare our new and existing supervisors for the demands of their role we offer the following supervisory development.

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Description: This course equips participants with the foundational concepts and skills to enable them to manage teams to perform to their highest potential. Participants will learn essential skills to gain the respect and support of others, as well as how to build influence without express authority. They will learn strategies to leverage their role within the organization to lead, handle different personality types, solve problems and make decisions, become a change manager, and build solid long-lasting working relationships.


Description: The 8 online courses in the Supervision Fundamental package are essential prerequisites for the Supervision for New Supervisors and the Experienced Supervisor courses. Every DOI supervisor needs to know how to implement an effective human resource and performance management process to transform strategy into performance. These courses will inform your HR technical options, and build competency to differentiate appropriate personnel actions to recruit, hire and retain employees in the Federal workplace, ethics, mentorship, and safety to develop effective performance.

Prerequisite: These courses inform the advanced discussion and group work activities in both Supervision for New Supervisors and the Experienced Supervisor courses.

Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring: Conducting an Effective Interview
Staffing Your Organization
Supervisory Ethics
EEO (including sexual harassment, NO Fear Act)
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)
Workplace Safety
Essential Mentoring Techniques
Veterans Employment for Federal Hiring Managers


This course equips participants with the foundational concepts and skills that federal supervisors need to be successful in leading those they manage to perform to their highest potential. The course focuses on the competencies and critical management activities addressed in the OPM guidance for supervisors in the first year:

Course content addresses the competency families leading and Change, Results Driven, Business Acumen, Building Coalitions, as well as developing greater Fundamentals to immediately apply on the job.

In order to satisfy the blended learning components of the course you are responsible to complete 8 on-line courses in advance of the instructor-led event. Each online course will take 30 – 60 minutes to complete.
To access the SUPERVISION FUNDAMENTALS - FIRST 3 MONTHS (ONLINE COURSE BUNDLE), click on the link below and follow the DOI Learn enrollment steps:

Who Should Attend: New supervisors and experienced supervisors who have not completed formal supervisory training, and those transitioning into a Federal civil service supervisory role.

The DOI Supervisory Development program maps to the OPM Supervisory Framework and objectives outlined in the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010, as well as critical leadership competencies and technical HR knowledge needed to succeed as a supervisor. Letter: FAQ:


Effective DOI supervisors develop capacity, motivate employees, improve engagement, and get results. This course will provide insights into workplace motivation and employee engagement. Learn to develop an effective leadership approach that addresses the requirements of a federal workforce and needs of your local team. The course addresses the OPM guidance to provide supervisors during their first 3 years and on a recurring schedule, training that addresses their competencies and essential job activities:

Who Should Attend: Experienced supervisors who have not completed formal supervisory training for the first 3 years, or who require a refresher of the content intended to be recurring.

This course satisfies OPM's mandatory training requirement for Supervisors in their first 3 years (5 CFR 412.202(b)).

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