Federal Executive Roundtable (FER) Series - Washington, DC

About Our Program

The Federal Executive Roundtable (FER) is a free facilitated workshop that allows federal executives to help each other, as peers, to find new approaches and strategies for meeting difficult leadership challenges. All sessions are confidential and table seating is assigned to assure as much of an inter-agency mix as possible. Please note that to ensure a peer experience, all participants must be in the Senior Executive Service (SES) or equivalent to attend. Participants may attend as many or as few of the sessions as they wish.

Research indicates that people rely more on peers, rather than experts, as a guide to decide what to do back on the job.

FER workshop sessions will be divided into two parts.

For information on the format or content of the sessions, please contact Dr. Steve Frieman (303-317-7386, steven_frieman@ios.doi.gov).

Brought to you by the Federal Consulting Group (FCG), providing executive coaching, organizational consulting and development, and performance measurement services to federal agencies for over 25 years. FCG is a fully reimbursable function under the Department of the Interior.

Our Offerings

Federal Executive Roundtable (FER) Series:

These sessions are focused on the unique leadership challenges faced by federal executives. The sessions are open to federal executives only, i.e., you must be in the Senior Executive Service (SES) or an equivalent position.

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