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Welcome to the Online Training Download Site

From this site you can download various training courses to be used on desktops or networks or to be copied to CD-ROM. Please carefully read the descriptions to make sure you are downloading the correct files for your use. The downloadable zip files are organized by training categories below.

The DOI 2013 Discrimination and Whistleblowing in the Workplace (No Fear) Training is now available on DOI Learn. The training is NOT available for download on this site. For a CD of the FY 2013 NO FEAR Act Training, please contact your bureau servicing officer from the Equal Employment Opportunity/Civil Rights Officer List.

DOI Information Resources Management Training

Click on the "DOI Information Resources Management Training" link above to access the following courses:

  • Federal Information Systems Security Awareness + Privacy and Records Management;
  • Privacy Impact Assessments;
  • Section 508 Awareness: Promoting Awareness, Providing Solutions;
  • The Computer Security Incident Response Training Overview; and
  • Privacy for Information Technology (IT) Personnel.

Transit Subsidy Training

Click on the above link to download the CDROM version of the Transit Subsidy Training and the Transit Subsidy Post Assessment. First take the training by reviewing the document entitled: "transitintegritytraining.pdf". Then take the post assessment which is entitled: "transitbenefitstest.pdf". This post assessment will need to be completed and turned in to your Transit Subsidy Officer before you can receive credit for completing the training.

DOI Occupational Health and Safety Training

Click on the "DOI Occupational Health and Safety Training" link above to access the following forty courses listed under these three categories: Safety and Occupational Health Orientation Training, Collateral Duty Safety Officer Training, and General Safety Training.

DOI Museum Training

Click on the "DOI Museum Training" link above to access the DOI Museum Training Courses.

Please note: If you experience any problems with downloading or using the courses on this site, please contact the DOI University Helpdesk at 202-208-6278 or via email at

Last Updated 04/04/2013