Our Dean

Welcome Message

Dear Colleague,

Today's workforce faces many challenges, such as rapidly changing technology and the evolution of business practices. The skills needed today are seldom sufficient to meet the needs of tomorrow. Our commitment is to prepare federal employees to keep pace with change, support the organizational missions, and confidently manage their careers. As part of that commitment, we strive to make learning as accessible as possible through our learning centers, technology-enabled learning, and portable training courses and programs.

I invite you to contact me directly at 202-208-4376 or by email at doiu‑jeff_underwood@ios.doi.gov with your comments and recommendations for making DOIU the best that it can be! If DOIU does not have what your organization needs, we can work with you to design something to meet your requirements.

Getting to Know Our Dean

Jeff is currently on detail with DOIU as the Acting Dean. He joined DOIU in May of 2016 as the Senior Program Manager for Leadership Development Programs. Prior to joining DOIU on detail, Jeff served as the Deputy Assistant Director for Fish and Aquatic Conservation (and formerly Fish and Habitat Conservation) for eight years. He also worked for 12 years in the Northeast Regional Office (Region 5) where he was the Deputy Assistant Regional Director for Ecological Services and also served as the Geographic Associate for the Southern third of the Region, working with and supervising Fisheries, Refuges, and Ecological Services field stations. His first five years with the Service was spent in Headquarters, as the National Spill Response and Damage Assessment Coordinator with the Division of Environmental Contaminants.

Jeff also coordinated the Northeast Region's very successful mentoring program, with nearly 200 individuals completing partnership enhancement workshops and entering into formal mentoring relationships. He is a graduate of the Service's Advance Leadership Development Program (ALDP), Cohort 3; has coached two Stepping Up To Leadership cohorts and two ALDP cohorts.

Jeff joins DOIU with a passion for providing leadership and direction to employees wishing to improve themselves, take on challenges, and grow both professionally and personally. He maintains a grounded, balanced, and active lifestyle; and is family oriented. Jeff has a strong preference for ocean kayaking, hiking, alpine and Nordic skiing, general fitness training, gardening, and those never ending home modifications and repairs.