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Emotional Intelligence In the Workplace


Researchers have begun to uncover the power that our emotional worlds have in determining success in all human endeavors: emotional intelligence (EI). At the root of EI is the ability to understand our own emotions, manage them, and use them for our own good. This course summarizes the research supporting the EI concept and explores the role of EI in the workplace. Hands-on opportunities to develop your own EI, and effective strategies for integrating EI into all work endeavors and interactions will be provided. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Manage difficult situations, solving problems and overcoming obstacles in a confident, productive manner

  • Identify and reduce stress, become more professionally focused, productive and satisfied
  • Examine how EI affects careers, work productivity/relationships, health and self-esteem

Session will NOT be held in person. It is a virtual event.

Tuition:  $325.00


Registration for DOI employees

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