Acquisition Leadership Development Program (ALDP)


The "Call for Applications" window for ALDP senior program management Class of 2019 is now open. To respond to the strong interest in this program, we extended the 10/5/18 registration deadline and are still accepting applications. All application packages must be submitted through email at* and course registrations for FPM 525: Acquisition Leadership Development Program (ALDP) must be submitted through FAITAS.

Please refer to the Interior Acquisition Institute website or email us at for more information about the ALDP program. Do not miss this opportunity to participate in this engaging leadership development program --download the application packet* and apply today!

*Application Instructions: The application packet is a fillable PDF form. The digital signature function works best in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Since the application requests credit card information, please encrypt the application with a password in Adobe, then send the encrypted PDF and password in separate emails to If you can't encrypt the PDF, you can submit the completed application via email without credit card information and provide the credit card information separately by calling Gordon Bryant at 202-208-3637.

ALDP Overview

The acquisition leaders of today are required to ensure programs and projects deliver critical services to the American public efficiently and effectively. The Interior Acquisition Institute’s Acquisition Leadership Development Program (ALDP) allows senior-level federal acquisition professionals the opportunity to develop the program management and critical thinking skills required to successfully manage and integrate large and complex acquisitions into their projects.

The senior-level project/program managers ALDP cohort addresses the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act’s (the Act or the PMIAA) intent to improve program and project management practices within the Federal Government and the President’s Management Agenda of ensuring taxpayer dollars are providing critical federal services to citizens efficiently and cost-effectively. Through this 5-month program, participants will learn the critical thinking and expert analysis skills that will support decision-making and overcome challenges to program implementation and execution and will strengthen their leadership skills through a multi-faceted advanced-level leadership development training in a blended learning methodology.

Participants will participate in:

Program Goals

Program Benefits

Applying to ALDP

ALDP is open to all federal professionals at the GS-14-15 level, as well as high-potential GS-13s, who are responsible for or will be responsible for supporting executive and senior leaders in achieving the strategic goals and objectives of their departments and for delivering effective and efficient major acquisition/investment program outcomes to the American public. This program is for experienced leaders (GS-14 or GS-15) who may not have had formal leadership development opportunities or who have but wish to update their skills.

Applicants should be employees performing in or identified by their supervisor to be performing in roles requiring senior-level program management and leadership skills. Applications must have supervisory approval. Supervisors should provide approval only to applicants who have four years of program or project management experience, which shall include a minimum of one year of experience on federal programs and/or projects, within the last ten years. This experience can be obtained as a federal employee or private sector employee. Applicants for whom applications and tuition payment have been received will be enrolled into the program on a first-come basis. When the cohort seat capacity is reached, applicants for whom applications and tuition payment have been received, will be added to the waitlist and roll over to the next cohort’s roster.

ALDP Sessions

Orientation Session (2 Hours)

ALDP participants will gather for the first time in a 2- hour virtual meeting space to kick-off the program and learn about the key program components. The program will provide a cohesive, experiential solution that integrates education, experience, feedback, and coaching. These elements, along with assessments and coaching, will compliment and extend the participants’ learning beyond the facilitated classroom sessions.

Facilitated Classroom Sessions

The primary training component of the ALDP will be a series of facilitated leadership development workshops that:

  1. Focus on leadership and technical competencies within the OPM Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)
  2. Address Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) competencies

The facilitated sessions are experiential in nature and facilitated by highly skilled consultants. During the workshops, participants learn best practices, engage in discussions, and immediately apply new skills through small and large group activities. For each of the classroom sessions, hard copies of course materials and end-of-session evaluations will be provided.

Session I – Strategic Leadership (4 Days)

Session II – Leading Change (5 Days)

Session III – Building a Capable PM Workforce (4 Days)

Session IV – Business Acumen (3 Days)

Session V- Leading Achievement of 21st Century Missions and Strategic Goals (4 Days)

Leadership Assessment Workshop (Virtual 1/2 Day)

Capstone Project

It is crucial for ALDP participants to link their learning to issues or opportunities they face in their day-to-day roles. We will provide a capstone project structure that gives the program participants an opportunity to explore a real-life business challenge through the lens of an in-depth individual or small group project.

The project will be introduced during the virtual orientation session, after which the participants will be presented during the first session team projects focused on a different current issue with a major acquisition or a mission-critical organizational program and will continue working on the project for the remainder of the program. At the end of the cohort, the teams will present their recommendations to enable improved program outcomes and program performance ensuring taxpayer dollars are providing critical federal services to citizens efficiently and cost-effectively while highlighting their strengthened critical thinking, technical, and leadership skills.

Limited opportunities to work on the project will be provided during the on-site workshops, but additional time outside of the training sessions will be required. ALDP participants will be encouraged to seek feedback, test ideas, and gather insight from other program participants to strengthen their recommendations.

Intersession Activities

In addition to working on the capstone project in between residential sessions, participants will be encouraged to engage in independent activities designed to further develop their leadership skills. These activities include reading, article and book reviews, personal leadership development planning, and journaling.

Online Learning Portal

A portal will be provided for ALDP participants that allows for easy collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing to promote continuous learning. The portal offers secure access, easy interface, universal profiles, communications, and reporting.

Program Tuition

Program tuition is $9820 for the 5-month program. Tuition is not refundable or transferable to other courses or programs. All associated travel and per diem is in addition to the tuition.

Attendance Policy

Full attendance is a requirement for all IAI at DOI University courses/programs. Attendance and participation is required for all components of the program. Registration for courses/programs represents a significant investment in your development by you, your supervisor, and your agency. To ensure that you get the most out of the learning event, please plan your commute, travel, and technology access so that you can participate on time. If you miss any component of the courses or programs and do not notify IAI at DOI University personnel, your FAITAS record will be marked incomplete.


The Interior Acquisition Institute is recognized by the Federal Acquisition Institute as a federal acquisition teaching school.

Anti-Harassment Culture

The IAI at DOI University and its training centers and staff are committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetic information (including family medical history), status as a parent, marital status, or political affiliation, and free from illegal retaliation. Offensive sexual or non-sexual harassing behavior against any employee, intern, volunteer, contractor or other non-federal employee, visitor, or other member of the public will not be tolerated. Adverse treatment of employees because they report harassing conduct or provide information related to such complaints will also not be tolerated. It is our goal to provide a work environment free from harassment by ensuring that appropriate officials are notified of and have the opportunity to promptly correct harassing conduct.

Commitment to Diversity

ALDP strives to ensure that each ALDP class reflects the diversity of the federal workforce. Participants come from all federal agencies bringing with them diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

Reasonable Accommodations

Section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act requires agencies to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified applicants and employees with disabilities. A "reasonable accommodation" is a change in the work environment or in work processes that enables a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities. The accommodation must be effective in meeting the needs of the individual by addressing the barrier created by the functional limitations.

It is the policy of IAI at DOI University to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified applicants and employees with disabilities unless it will cause an undue hardship to the operation of the program. Students/program participants must be officially enrolled in a class/program to initiate any reasonable accommodation request. When funding permits, some assistive technology may be obtained for free from the U.S. Department of Defense's Computer Accommodation Program (CAP). Unfunded CAP requests and accommodations such as interpreters and readers that are not provided by CAP must be obtained by the employee's office. Please plan ahead to contact your hiring official, supervisor, and/or Disability Program Manager (DPM) at least four weeks before the course or program begins to discuss your specific needs and arrangements and to request a reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodation requests are managed by the federal agency/DOI bureau for which the employee works.

Contact Info

IAI Program Manager:
LaTanya S. Anderson, MBA, MSc, Senior FAC-P/PM
Associate Dean, Program Management and Training Delivery

IAI Program Analyst
Gordon Bryant III, MBA, FAC-COR II

US Department of the Interior
Interior Acquisition Institute (IAI), Department of the Interior University (DOIU)
1849 C Street, NW, MS-4314
Washington, DC 20240