Performance Consulting

Traditional Training vs. Instructionally Designed Training.  Traditional training involves an instructor giving information to students without regard for design.  Instructionally designed training involves front end analysis, outcomes and objectives, task analysis, models and theories, strategies and tactics, media and evaluation.  Credit:  NIPTC.

One of the most common requests heard in any organization is “we need training.”

That request is often valid, but addressing gaps in employee performance requires more than simply providing information to employees. Training is not just Power Point presentations.

Instructional Systems Design (ISD) or Performance Consulting is a process used to train employees that incorporates behavioral psychology, education, communications, management, and systems-thinking to ensure the right training is designed and developed for the right employee at the right time.

The Instructional Systems Designers (ISD’s) at NIPTC have advanced education and experience in identifying performance problems, and then implementing a training solution that builds the practical skills employees need to improve their performance back on the job.

Contact our ISD professionals to begin designing your new classroom, computer, or video-based training. We will guide the process from idea to reality by listening to your needs, developing the course, then creating and/or broadcasting the final product.

Please review the Project Intake Process, which will assist us in meeting your needs.