NIPTC Media Production Center (MPC)

  • Media Production Center

    The Media Production Center (MPC) at NIPTC houses a professional studio capable of producing training events in High Definition. Two sets and a green screen provide versatility of production while remote capabilities allow for off-site production.

    Photo of the studio with green screen, stage, and cameras.
  • Green Screen

    The MPC also has a green screen capability which can essentially place the talent in any chosen setting. The green screen capability can be used with video, stills, maps or graphics. 

    A model sits in front of a green screen.  The left of the photo shows the screen itself and the right shows the effect the screen imparts.  The model appears to be sitting in a mountain scene.  Photo Credit:  NIPTC.
  • Teleprompter

    The MPC has a teleprompter system that enables the talent to read the script off of a monitor situated directly above each of the three studio cameras. Through the use of the point maker telestrator, the talent can highlight, circle, underline or otherwise write on the displayed power point slides to emphasize data. 
    Teleprompters and equipment in the studio.  Photo Credit:  NIPTC.
  • Cameras and Sets:

    The MPC is a professional three camera studio which can feature up to 4 on-camera presenters (talent) on two separate sets in High Definition format, incorporating power point graphics, lower-third titles for identification, or display of important information such as phone numbers, and web sites, switched from a professional control room. 
    Cameras, teleprompters, and monitors are only a part of the technical equipment in the studio.  Photo Credit:  NIPTC.
  • Control Room:

    The in-studio communication system allows communication between the control room and the studio.

    Control room with computers and equipment.
  • Audio and Video Editing room.
    Editing Room:

    State of the art audio and video editing capabilities including motion graphics and audio sweetening are available.



Previous productions include:

Videos Completed

Courses Delivered Via Distance Learning



Facility Evacuation

OST Financial Education Video


Mescalero Fish Hatchery

BIA School Fire Safety (3)


I Care If You Graduate

Swine Flu and You

Health is Life in Balance

Progressive Discipline

ELKNet Site Operator Training

Diabetes Education

SPED (BIE Special Education Technical assistance)

School Security & Emergency Planning

Youth Gangs and Teen Sub-Culture Awareness


Facility Evacuation

NIGC Management Training (2)

BIA School Fire Safety (3)

Scripts for the videos can be found here.

Events produced by NIPTC's Media Production Center can cost the Bureaus less than 1/3 of commercial vendors, with more specialized and personalized treatment of the subject. Contact the MPC for more information.