What Can You Do at NIPTC?

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Discover - A NIPTC visitor examines the historic photographs displayed around the Center. Develop - A photo of the NIPTC studio with both sets. Learn - Students in Class. Educate - A classroom of students in one of NIPTC's computer labs. Meet - Deputy Director Floyd Toribio greets Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. Experience - Children performing the Buffalo Dance.


NIPTC is known for delivering quality, cost effective training in a state-of-the-art facility, expert course development for government entities, and exciting studio presentations. Today's NIPTC is branching out to provide training, products and services to local, tribal, and state governments as well as other federal agencies.

From expanding technical computer skills to promoting cultural artistry, the limits of our abilities are the limits of your imagination! Let us develop the technical expertise of your employees in our expansive computer labs. We can help you promote knowledge and develop skills through classroom instruction.

We can provide what commercial contractors cannot. Skilled, personalized and experienced personnel that understand and are dedicated to the needs of governments. That is our mission, our goal, and our sole focus at NIPTC.

Please review the Project Intake Process, which will assist us in meeting your needs.