Course Title:

Supervision for Experienced Supervisors


Target Audience: Experienced supervisors who have not completed their �refresher� for their 3 year recurring training obligation? This course satisfies OPM's mandatory training requirement for Supervisors every 3 years (5 CFR 412.202(b)). New supervisors are subject to the 3 year recurring training requirement from the date of hire. NOTE: This course DOES meet the annual requirement for 4 hours of EEO and 4 hours of diversity training. You MUST attend the entire course to get credit. Please review the course dates and times and plan your travel accordingly.


Instructor/Facilitator Name:
DOI University


Event Dates:

September 19-23, 2022





DOI employees: DOI Talent

All other agencies:

$1,070.00 for DOI employees and all agencies


Course Description:

This course is for DOI Supervisors in their first three years and those looking to refresh their supervisory competencies. Effective DOI supervisors develop capacity, motivate employees, improve engagement, and get results. This course will provide insights into workplace motivation and employee engagement. Learn to develop an effective leadership approach that addresses the requirements of a federal workforce and needs of your local team. The course addresses the OPM guidance to provide supervisors during their first 3 years and on a recurring schedule, training that addresses their competencies and essential job activities: � Understand the different ways people learn, think and conceptualize and modify your style in the interest of working most effectively with others � Learn strategies to shift from impasse, to resolution, to transformation in workplace conflicts � Explore the concepts of employee motivation and engagement � Network and learn from peers in other federal agencies facing the leadership and supervision challenge � Apply and practice these skills to real workplace scenarios and develop strategies for applying learning to the workplace