Course Title:

Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace


Target Audience: All federal employees wanting to take control of, and responsibility for dealing with demanding work assignments and schedules, develop strong interpersonal skills and strategies to deal with conflict, group problems and decisions.


Instructor/Facilitator Name:
DOI University


Event Dates:

August 12-13, 2020





DOI employees: DOI Talent

All other agencies:

$570.00 for DOI employees and all agencies


Course Description:

Researchers have begun to uncover the power that our emotional worlds have in determining success in all human endeavors: emotional intelligence (EI). At the root of EI is the ability to understand our own emotions, manage them, and use them for our own good. This course summarizes the research supporting the EI concept and explores the role of EI in the workplace. Hands-on opportunities to develop your own EI, and effective strategies for integrating EI into all work endeavors and interactions will be provided.