Course Title:

Federal Manager’s Guidance and Tools Workshop


Target Audience: Managers and Supervisors


Instructor/Facilitator Name:
DOI University


Event Dates:

September 29-30, 2020





DOI employees: DOI Talent

All other agencies:

$580.00 for DOI employees and all agencies


Course Description:

Supervisors and Managers need to know the facts, their responsibilities, and some effective practices and procedures to effectively handle challenging situations. This workshop pays particular attention to the most challenging situations recounted by Supervisors and Managers in the department. This workshop provides supervisors and managers with a meaningful ’crash course’ in specific performance appraisal, misconduct management, and EEO-restricted practices. Topics include addressing the core outcomes of a supervisor’s and manager’s engagement to facilitate meaningful and fair performance reviews at the mid-year point and end-of-year. Address appropriate on and off-site misconduct, and detail, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the types of behaviors that are illegal for a supervisor to engage.