Course Title:

Strategic Thinking, Planning and Problem Solving


Target Audience: Managers, Leaders


Instructor/Facilitator Name:
DOI University


Event Dates:

September 23-24, 2020





DOI employees: DOI Talent

All other agencies:

$570.00 for DOI employees and all agencies


Course Description:

The best managers and leaders in business and government follow the adage, �begin with the end in mind�. This means that they engage in comprehensive analysis, planning and solution-oriented problem solving, focused on end-goals and objectives, before initiating major changes in programs, processes or performance management initiatives. Yet, strategic planning is not meant merely for large-scale initiatives. It is a critical/creative thinking and planning process that can be applied to project management, programming, and personnel development. It requires thought paradigm shifts and includes specific tools for action planning and processes for the engagement of stakeholders.