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FPM 121 - Acquisition Fundamentals of Project and Program Management II


This is a one week resident classroom course which follows successful completion of the online FPM 120A and FPM 120B entry-level fundamentals courses. FPM 121 places the project management learner in an integrated product team (IPT) setting, allowing students to gain hands-on experience working through problem-based exercises based on the concepts learned in the prerequisite FPM 120 online course. Students participate as team members in crafting and communicating solutions to simulated project management challenges, including: identifying capability gaps; developing a work breakdown structure; developing high-level and system-level requirements; crafting an analysis of alternatives; developing a business case; selecting a solution; risk management; acquisition planning; systems engineering; measuring performance; and leadership. FPM 121 culminates in a graded integrated case study which assesses the student's performance as a member of an IPT while applying knowledge and skills gained throughout the course.

Tuition Fee
Event Days
Multi Day Event
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Acquisition Course (FAI CSOD)
Class Times
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM