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Leadership Institute

Leadership Programs

DOI Leadership Institute is pleased to announce the following leadership development courses.  Registration fills up so act now to guarantee your spot in these one-of-a-kind programs!  

Virtual Workshop Series for Leaders 

Outward Mindset Workshop Series for Leaders - Unlock the key to personal and organizational success. Join us for 3 transformative workshops that delve deep into developing an outward mindset. Learn how this shift in perspective drives collaboration, sparks performance, enhances inclusivity, and redefines accountability. 

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Dates: April 25-26, May 23, June 20

Tuition: $1,985

Registration for DOI employees

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Taking Flight towards Personality-Driven Results - Experience a refreshing take on understanding personalities and behaviors. This highly acclaimed 4-workshop series links DISC styles to birds for easy recall, equipping leaders with powerful communication, management skills, conflict resolution, and Emotional Intelligence strategies. 

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Dates: April 22, 29, May 6, 13.

Tuition: $1,945

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Advanced Communication Virtual Workshop Series for Leaders - Tailored for busy leaders, this workshop series focuses on crafting critical and complex messages. Enhance your in-person and virtual presence while learning from a Peabody Award winning producer, master effective writing, and develop strategic visual storytelling skills.

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Dates: March 26, April 9-12, 23-25

Tuition: $3,730

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In-Person Leadership Seminars 

Fierce Leadership - Transform your leadership journey with the Fierce Conversations Series® at the DOIU Denver Learning Center. Empower your leadership, drive impactful change, and register now for an immersive experience that will prepare you to navigate the complexities of today's leadership landscape. 

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Dates: July 23-25

Tuition: $1,995

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Influence & Negotiation Skills for Government Professionals: Leveraging Influence Styles for Positive Outcomes - Give your negotiation and influence skills a boost at this two-day seminar hosted at the Denver Learning Center. Elevate your influence and negotiation skills, forge consensus, and adeptly manage relationships, ensuring positive outcomes in your interactions with colleagues and stakeholders. 

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Dates: April 16-18

Tuition: $989

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Leadership Odyssey: Emerging Leader Summit - Nestled in the breathtaking YMCA of the Rockies, this immersive program empowers individuals on their path to inspiring leadership. Our holistic approach focuses on leading self, others, business, and future, providing essential tools for success Join us on this extraordinary leadership adventure with former Southwest Airlines executive and Chief Learning Officer.

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Dates: September 9-13

Tuition: $1,995

Registration for DOI employees

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The Leadership Development Journey

Leadership is a journey that requires thinking beyond your role, committing to challenging yourself, developing your leadership competencies, and continually fine-tuning your skills. The leadership journey begins the moment you are hired. This chart depicts the roadmap for leadership development and will help you craft your Individual Development Plan (IDP). Included on the chart are the levels of leadership and management identified by OPM. The related competencies are those you must have to be successful at each level. The fundamental or core leadership competencies are basic for all employees and research has shown that employees who become proficient in these competencies have a greater rate of success in their career progression. Contact us for assistance with developing a plan to achieve your individual and organizational leadership goals.

The Path to Leadership Development
Level Role Challenges Competencies

Managing Self

All Employees

  • Prepare for leadership role
  • Increase personal effectiveness
  • Master leadership fundamentals
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Integrity/Honesty
  • Continual Learning
  • Public Service Motivation

Managing Projects

Team Leader/Project Manager

  • Transition from individual performer to leading a team
  • Build professional relationships
  • Anticipate customer needs
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Credibility
  • Accountability
  • Influencing/Negotiating

Leading and Managing People


  • Build relationships to accomplish the work
  • Handle conflict effectively
  • Analyze and solve problems effectively
  • Human Capital Management
  • Leveraging Diversity
  • Conflict Management
  • Developing Others
  • Problem Solving

Leading and Managing Programs


  • Navigate in a political environment
  • Sell ideas to senior leaders
  • Set vision and build toward the future
  • Manage financial resources
  • Incorporate technology to increase efficiency
  • Technology Management
  • Financial Management
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Partnering
  • Political Savvy
  • Flexibility

Leading and Managing Organizations


  • Foster alignment across the organization
  • Set organizational direction
  • Set long-term and short-term strategy
  • External Awareness
  • Vision
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Resilience
  • Decisiveness


About Our Leadership Programs

DOI University's leadership programs provide a planned, systematic, competency-based approach to developing future leaders at all levels of the organization. We place an emphasis on developing the competencies that are most appropriate at each level of leadership and providing learning and development opportunities to increase your competency proficiency as you progress in your leadership journey.

Entry-Level Leadership Development – Aspiring to Leadership: This program explores the difference between being an individual contributor and a leader. The program focuses on increasing awareness of personal leadership style, reinforcing strengths, and building a set of practical skills that prepare participants for future leadership roles. Through assessments, lecture, and large and small group discussion, participants develop knowledge and skills in the following competency areas: Conflict Management, Team Building, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, Flexibility, Accountability, Technological Credibility, and Decisiveness.

Supervisory Leadership Development: Supervision is defined as “getting the work done through other people.” The supervisory development programs and courses are designed to provide new and experienced supervisors with the knowledge and skills to inspire and guide employees to achieve the organization’s mission and goals. To prepare new and existing supervisors for the challenges and demands of their role, the DOI University Supervisory Program is aligned with the OPM and OMB supervisory development framework for non-managers and aspiring supervisors, new supervisors, and experienced supervisors.

Mid-Level Leadership Development – Exploring Leadership: Mid-level managers serve as the operational engine that helps drive the work and the glue that holds work teams together. Exploring Leadership focuses on the competencies that are critical to successfully lead in the challenging and complex federal environment. Exploring Leadership uses a blended learning approach and includes assessments, large and small group discussion, case studies, mentoring, and webinars to give participants a challenging and enriching leadership development experience. The program is comprised of three instructor-led core sessions that address Teambuilding, Accountability, Problem Solving, Decisiveness, Influencing/Negotiating, Partnering/Collaboration, Developing Others, and External Awareness. Exploring Leadership is most appropriate for those who have some demonstrated leadership experience.

Senior Level Leadership Development: DOI University’s senior level leadership program is specifically designed to sharpen skills, develop knowledge, and strengthen personal qualities and characteristics. Participants in this program will assess their leadership skills, develop effective leadership competencies, and address the challenges of achieving the DOI mission. The program focuses on building proficiency in Visioning, Strategic Thinking, Entrepreneurship, External Awareness, Political Savvy, and Resilience; and includes developmental details, mentoring, and case studies presented by senior leadership. The senior level leadership program is most appropriate for those at the GS-14/15 level who have demonstrated leadership experience.

Executive-Level Development – Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP) : The Department of the Interior’s Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SESCDP) is an OPM certified program that is tailored to grow and develop a cadre of highly qualified leaders for senior executive positions. The SESCDP focuses on developing the competencies in each of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) to prepare candidates to lead at the executive level. The SESCDP includes formal classroom training, formal leadership assessments, executive level developmental assignments, networking opportunities with other senior executives, exposure to government-wide leadership challenges, and mentoring. The SESCDP is a competitively selected program targeted to those at the GS-15 and high performing GS-14 level.

If DOI University does not have a leadership program that meets your organizational needs, we will work with you to design and develop a customized program which will meet your leadership development goals. Contact us to learn more about this service.