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FCR 400 - Advanced Contracting Officer Representative Workshop



This course is specifically designed for the experienced COR who has held a FAC-COR certification for a year or more. FAC-COR certified professionals will increase their mastery of the FAC-COR competencies by applying them in an in-depth case study for a performance-based service acquisition. Students will navigate complex acquisition situations ranging from acquisition planning to contract management. This course will help students develop critical thinking, procurement strategy, requirements definition, and contract management skills necessary for successful contract performance.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this training course, students will be able to:
Explain the benefits of performance-based services acquisition.
Collect and analyze relevant market information and identify possible sources.
Recommend acquisition strategies to the acquisition team.
Define the requirement to fill mission needs.
Develop technical evaluation factors and sub factors.
Identify contract performance risk areas and develop a plan for contract management.
Monitor contract performance and recommend necessary actions to the contracting officer.
Recognize situations that will require a contract modification and communicate the requirement to the contracting officer.
Document and report contractor's actual performance under the contract.

The format of this training is fully virtual. The courses are advertised by city or time zone. Please only pay attention to the time zone of the session for which you choose to sign up.


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