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Communication Skills: Managing Difficult /Crucial Conversations


This course is a "virtual" class.

Crucial Conversations, sometimes called critical conversations or just plain old tough conversations, are discussions in which tension and feelings run high, relationships and trust may be fragile, and different outcomes matter greatly to each person. There is always a worry about whether or not feelings will be hurt, intentions will be mis-interpreted, the ‘wrong’ choice of words will be used, and the possibility arises that matters and relationships may be worse off after the conversation takes place. So, all professionals and leaders at all levels must become confident and competent about facilitating such conversations with colleagues, bosses, employees, community members and all other stakeholders. This program focuses on helping all professionals learn the skills necessary to manage themselves and feel confident enough to facilitate crucial conversations with a variety of people with whom they interact.

 Communication Skills: Managing Difficult/Crucial Conversations teaches participants how to:

  • Learn essential communication techniques necessary for facilitating crucial conversations including front-loading, back-ending, smoothing, and interpersonal questioning
  • Identify button-pushers: issues and statements which trigger immediate overt or covert emotional reactions and mis-perceptions
  • Identify and review the basic behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge for de- escalating tense interactions
  • Engage in self-assessments pertaining to emotional intelligence skills so that a participant can manage her/his own emotions and reactions
  • Learn how to remain calm even when others erupt or engage in unprofessional communication exchanges

DOIU Cancellation Policy: Space in DOI University courses is limited. If you need to cancel, please provide written notification through email as early as possible. DOI University must receive the cancellation notification at least 15 business days in advance of the course start date. There are no refunds for cancellation notifications received after the designated time or for no shows, and tuition fees are not transferable to another course.

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