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FPM 232 - Applications in Contracting


This course provides the foundation for concepts required by the Contracting competency and fundamentals needed to effectively manage Federal contracts and acquisitions and satisfies the contracting performance outcomes necessary for the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) at the mid-level. This course further develops and refines students' fundamental skills to help them differentiate between private and public sector contracting, discusses the mission, purpose, vision, and goals of Federal contracting, discusses the Federal Acquisition Regulation System (FAR) and acquisition life cycle, and reviews the various roles and responsibilities of the acquisition team. Comprehensive planning is a critical part of successful acquisitions. The course explores leadership and management processes associated with successful acquisition planning; The elements of planning for source selection are the key aspects of evaluating proposals, bids, and offers; Critical aspects of planning contract administration; measuring performance against a baseline; and monitoring contractor performance are also reviewed. The course will introduce topics to demonstrate understanding of key acquisition concepts, life cycle, and roles and responsibilities such as; Implement leadership and management processes associated with acquisition planning; Develop and implement source selection criteria that consider associated risk; Conduct contract administration functions in collaboration with the program Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).


Registration for employees (FAI CSOD)

Tuition:  $830

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