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Women in Leadership


This women's leadership course is a roundtable-style seminar that empowers women to identify, develop, and ultimately contribute their unique qualities to meet the challenges in an evolving work environment. 


Women represent a large segment of an organization’s professional resources that often times is underutilized. While women have gained greater representation in middle management, this course will help them take the next step to more senior positions at strategic levels.

Great leadership begins with an internal process of self-awareness and reflection in areas such as each woman's qualities, challenges, experiences and leadership goals. In this program, we offer discussion, self-assessments,  shared experiences, coaching,  tools and strategies to take on greater leadership roles. We create a forum where women can feel safe to share openly and honestly  supporting each other both during and after the event.

This is very different than most leadership courses which are externally focused without this essential foundation. In addition, there is a post event Sustainability Strategy that is a blueprint for applying their learning and achieving the leadership goals. This momentum continues through cohort post-event support, a TLW Action Plan and others who will guide the success of these emerging leaders.

This program was constructed based on behavioral science and current best leadership practices. The underlying theme of understanding gender differences and compliments, ultimately, helps to remove barriers for both men and women in working together. Numerous studies validate that when there is greater gender balance at the top, organizations are more successful.

Over 2,500 women have been through this program globally with incredible results based on theirs and their organization's assessment. The consistent feedback from many of those who have gone through the program, is  that they are changed and transformed as a leader. 

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Multi Day Event
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Acquisition Course (FAI CSOD)
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8:00 AM - 4:30 PM