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Fierce Leadership


Are you ready to elevate your leadership skills to new heights? Join us for a transformative leadership development experience at the FWS National Conservation Training Center.

The Fierce Conversations Series® is an award-winning leadership development program whose methodologies — refined over nearly 20 years — are proven to help increase an organization’s performance. The model is built on a single premise: What gets talked about in an organization, how it gets talked about, and who is invited to the conversation determines what will happen and what won’t happen. This program is designed to help leaders have candid conversations that will lead to higher engagement, productivity, and execution of ideas.

Each module of this course aligns with specific Office of Personnel Management Leadership Competencies and their related sub-competencies, contributing to leadership development across various domains like leading people, driving results, fostering accountability, and managing change and collaborations effectively.

Course Modules:

Fierce Foundations: Embark on a revolutionary journey centered around conversations that matter. Build self-awareness, challenge assumptions, and ignite profound insights to lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization. In the Fierce Foundations program, you’ll learn:

  • Three transformational ideas that will recharge every conversation.
  • The 7 core principles of Fierce Conversations and how to apply them immediately.
  • The steep costs of avoiding uncomfortable conversations.
  • How to identify and enlarge your perceptional “filters.”
  • The dangers of “mokitas:” things that everyone knows, but no one talks about.
  • A surprising new definition for “conversation” and how it will shift your outcomes.
  • The six hallmarks of an authentically Fierce conversation.
  • Your most valuable currency.

Fierce Team: Foster inclusive decision-making and problem-solving. Break down silos, enhance collaboration, and amplify engagement across your organization. Identify and resolve tough challenges by providing momentum to team members and ensure everyone is in concurrence regarding goals, directions and key strategies. An established approach employed by think tanks, help new members of your team utilize this robust program to focus on high-stakes issues central to you and your team’s success. You will learn to:

  • Make the best possible decisions for a team or organization.
  • Create an open and respectful atmosphere in which sharing is safe and learning is exciting.
  • Provide immediate traction and satisfaction to team members.
  • Inspire original thinking and “big ideas.”
  • Get the team aligned and ready to act.

Fierce Feedback: Embrace a culture of continuous feedback. Learn to transform feedback sessions into candid, consistent, two-way conversations that spark lasting change and growth. In this module, you will learn:

  • How to conduct ongoing, in-the-moment performance conversations.
  • The application of waypoints: tools to navigate from one landmark to another.
  • Why feedback should never be anonymous.
  • The use of positive feedback to reinforce what’s working well.
  • How to create a culture where candor is the expectation and trust is strong.
  • The myth of positive vs. constructive feedback.
  • The art of receiving feedback in a way that ensures you’ll continue to receive it.
  • Techniques to frame conversations, avoid cryptic remarks and foster lasting growth.

Fierce Confrontation: Confront tension head-on with a straight-up conversation model. Shift attitudes, reduce tension, and enrich relationships by addressing challenging issues with clarity and empathy. This framework effectively addresses attitudinal, behavioral, or performance issues with a colleague, a team, or a challenging customer. Rely on this program to:

  • Confront tough issues with confidence and skill.
  • Overcome barriers to meaningful conversations.
  • Enrich your most challenging relationships.
  • Handle strong emotions — your own as well as others’.
  • Create an impetus for change.

Fierce Accountability: Drive accountability and commitment. Move teams from excuses to action by instilling responsibility, overcoming obstacles, and achieving everyday goals effectively. You will learn:

  • The 3 most common mistakes when trying to foster accountability
  • How to dive deep into your own filters — the most common source of blocks to accountability
  • A new context: accountability as the act of holding yourself and others able to succeed
  • How to recognize and uncover the dangers of diluted strategies
  • Effective responses to people who operate in a context of blame, protection, or defense
  • Why ‘victim mode’ is so attractive — and how to coach yourself and others out of it

Fierce Coach: Cultivate powerful 1:1 coaching skills. Uncover solutions, prompt actionable steps, and unlock professional paths for your team through an impactful coaching model. You will learn how to apply this powerful, deep-dive conversation used in one-to-one coaching conversations to:

  • Surface and address issues that are critical to the success of individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • Increase clarity, improve accountability, and provide an impetus for action and/or change.
  • Develop emerging leaders.
  • Increase the effectiveness of anyone in a high-intensity, high-performance, or sales environment.
  • Enable individual contributors, direct reports, and team members to come up with their own solutions and drive toward results without YOU having to be the problem-solver.

Fierce Delegate: Enhance productivity and leadership development within your team. Clarify roles, eliminate micromanagement, and set a clear path for professional growth. Use this simple, innovative methodology to delegation to ensure that individuals’ development paths are clear and that they are on track to accomplish goals. You will learn to apply this model to:

  • Ensure that individuals know where they have the authority to make decisions and take action.
  • Provide employees with a clear path to professional development.
  • Consciously develop leaders within the organization, liberating executives to take on more complex responsibilities.
  • Create a culture of accountability, so that everyone in the organization takes full responsibility for their actions.

Fierce Resilience: Develop customized strategies to tackle individual stressors, fostering true team resilience in the face of challenges. Navigate traumatic situations and everyday stress. You will learn to take control and quickly respond to what is going on in your mind when you feel overwhelmed, giving you the tools and training to successfully overcome stress every day. Traditional thinking around resilience focuses on elevating your toughness, or methods that are not efficient because they avoid removing stressors or doing anything proactive to fix the problematic situations that are the cause of stress. Fierce resilience is about empowerment, so you can take control and be proactive with your stress response cycle. In this session, you’ll:

  • Elevate your self-awareness by learning how stress shows up in your physiological, psychological and social self.
  • Learn about the 3 C’s of a Resilient Mindset.
  • Practice reframing your negative thoughts and coaching others to closely examine their stressors to bounce forward from challenging situations.

Fierce Negotiations: Master the art of deal-making. Stop settling at the negotiation table. Equip your team to expand their thinking, consider diverse perspectives, and seize opportunities hidden within adversities. Learn how you can gain the most value and meet the other party’s needs while enriching the relationship — steering negotiations to favorable outcomes that lead to success, both personally and professionally. You’ll learn to:

  • Properly prepare for successful business negotiations.
  • Identify your own needs in a negotiation and those of the other party.
  • Examine shared potential and opportunity beyond the current negotiation.
  • Confidently close negotiations while being mindful of the ongoing relationship.

Outcome: Upon completion of this comprehensive program, participants will emerge as empowered leaders capable of fostering transformation, building resilient teams, and driving impactful change across the organization.

Lodging: Participants are responsible for their own lodging. Information about registering at NCTC will be provided. Check in will be Monday, April 22. Training will be completed by 11:00 am on Friday Apr 26th.


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